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Marlow Pilot

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15 Şubat 2024 - 6:43

Marlow Pilot

Marlow Pilot: Expression of Innovation and Quality

Marlow Yachts’ unique vision and innovative spirit were taken to a new dimension in the summer of 2012 with the acquisition of iconic sailboat brand Hunter Marine and trawler brand Mainship. Since that date, David Marlow and his design team in Alachua, FL have implemented four new trawler models, including the Marlow Pilot 31, Marlow Pilot 32, Marlow Pilot 37, and more recently, the Marlow Pilot 34. These new models have been brought to life in a spectacular way, combining valuable design ideas from the past with Marlow’s unique engineering and technology.

The Marlow Pilot series are first-class marine vehicles manufactured with advanced materials and technologies. High-tech Nida-Core construction replacing Kevlar, balsa core, seamless FRP fabrics, vinyl ester resins and optimized glass-to-resin ratios increase the durability and performance of these boats while maintaining their lightness. The design of Marlow Pilots brings a breath of fresh air to the trawling market and is backed by Marlow’s industry-leading knowledge and experience.

The technologies used in the Marlow Pilot series are integrated in compliance with the latest regulations to allow classification exceeding international standards. These boats are distinguished from their peers in value, capability, performance, seaworthiness and quality, with a mission statement of “Build the Best Simply.” The Marlow Pilot series has been carefully designed to provide sailing enthusiasts with an excellent experience and carries on Marlow Yachts’ legacy of superior quality and innovation.

The Marlow Pilot series are first-class trawlers designed to add a new dimension to your adventures at sea, distinguished by their excellent performance and superior comfort. These boats, every detail of which has been meticulously considered, reflect Marlow Yachts’ original vision and engineering marvel approach.

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